Symbol work


Being curious, vibrant and creative is one of our basic state as people. In today’s society and with our busy lifestyle, it is easy to lose parts of this state. CreateLife aims to restore that ability.

Symbol Painting, releasing dance, improvised music and singing, writing, reading and telling, fairy tales and myths, symbolic drama, drama and dream work, according to Ullman’s variety of expression that we use.

There is also the opportunity to try painting or symbol strings attached painting for example, kickoff, birthday or wedding shower. Groups of 5-6 people. You can choose if you want to paint on paper or canvas. Please contact for suggestions on events and prices.

Dream Group under Ullman
Working with dreams is very rewarding and easy. Dream team should be 5-8 people and meets 5-10 times. The aim is that from a common interest in exploring dreams.

It works is that someone who has a fresh dream tell the others about it. Since each to write down the dream by the dreamer once again slowly reads his dream sequence. The dreamer must now set a little out of the ring for now, the group will start working with the dream which has now become everyone’s dream.

The dream to be retold as she dreamed it, so completely and details as possible. The whole thing is completely voluntary and if the dreamer wants, she can cancel if it feels uncomfortable. The team members then will say the dream is their own projections, it is all about them and it is the dreamer is free to accept or reject the different contributions that come from the group.

Once one begins with the dream group, you will remember your dreams in the morning. It’s about being focused and attentive in a situation where you normally are not, in the morning.

One way is that the onset of sleep is prepared with pen and paper alternatively a tape player / recorder when the cushion to document the dream as close as possible awakening.

To get started with the dream work in the group, it is important to get started and write down or speak into the dream but also fragments of a dream can be a sufficient basis for the group to work with.