Symbol therapy and pedagogy


The subconscious has a wisdom and a knowledge that usually is superior to our conscious state. We think in pictures that we put into words, and for those who easily it can flash. For others it may be more difficult if we have or have had a tough life and soul longs for healing. By increasing their awareness of the symbolism of the communication gap between the people and the conflict is reduced as the varanrdra we treat with greater respect. Symbol Therapy is pure health promotion! Those who feel respected are always open for dialogue and development, more aware of their limits and more curious about the environment and himself.

The symbolic way of thinking and experience moving in a different dimension than our normal waking thought. Symbolic language is not possible to translate or interpret for our tense and controlling language without a major charge and meaningfulness is lost. What we have difficulty expressing and capturing in words, we may illustrate by means of imagery in poetry myths and fairy tales, in our dreams, in drama, dance and music.
Being curious, vibrant and creative is a basic condition which many lost touch with. Symbol The therapy aims to restore that ability.