CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


It’s very easy to get caught up in the thought patterns that prevent us instead of helping us. When we understand the problem, we can usually find a solution. In the cognitive talk therapy teaches you step by step to increase self-esteem and relatively quickly prevent negative stress, fatigue symptoms, depression, anxiety, or whatever you want to find solution to, or to have more of in your life. Counselling and coaching go hand in hand. They both strive towards goal and meaning in life. The power is great, and with a new way of thinking, we can improve self-esteem and well-being. We are also developing our ability to quickly recover after svårgheter and grow as people.

Cognitive psychotherapy requires active work by you as a client. Together we work to explore the mindset and betenden with you to seek you here to iKOGNEA. You get this help on the way with new skills and training to find new alternative ways of thinking and behavior.

”Sometimes I’m wrong but I’m never wrong.”


CBT Therapy
CBT is a collaborative project where you as a client is in the center. One part is to get knowledge about what CBT is and what the exercises are about. The shared work will start the session with a joint agenda and depending on this agenda, we go through homework, doing exercises, and the session ends with a summary and a new lesson. We are partners and the therapy does not mean that the therapist interprets without the client and find the answer in itself. CBT focuses more on the here and now, even though the story and the way forward is with. The key is to provide tools and methods that you as the client itself will teach coping with anxiety or other problems as well as to cope with anxiety without resorting to old safety behaviors. Going against avoidance and appropriate steps expose themselves for what normally is difficult usually able to extinguish anxiety.


CBT Coaching

With cognitive coaching you to clarify and understand your development opportunities for reaching your goals. We start by identifying goals and make your plan to get there. We inventory of your team and your personal development necessary to achieve your desired goals.

Sugar cravings?
Cognitive behavioral therapy, CBT, is a form of therapy that focuses on your emotions control your behavior, and tries to show how you can change the patterns of thinking and behavior and thereby achieve your goals.
As a therapist / coach, I can help you put your finger on what emotions and situations that triggers your cravings – it may include stress, annoyance or disappointment. You can get help to deal with the reasons behind the negative feelings, such as poor self-esteem, criticism sensitivity or negative thinking. It can help you change your thinking and your behavior so you do not react by eating sweets.
The aim is to overcome the situations and contexts that give rise to negative thoughts and feelings that previously triggered your sweet cravings, and to learn how to handle the negative situations and emotions that still occurs in a way that does not give rise to wrong eating behavior.