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Life is not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.

Music therapy

Music therapy is an evidence-based, internationally recognized health care professional which includes music used to offer people the opportunity to communicate in a therapeutic relationship. As a music therapist, I give people the opportunity to create a musical expression of thoughts, emotions, body, soul and spirit with the help of instruments, voice, recorded music and more, with the goal to connect with their own inner and to other people. You can work individually or in groups.

Hypno therapy & Psych-K

Psych-K is a simple method for creating physical, emotional and or mental changes. The key is not to make more effort without the use of smarter technology. The method provides a fast, efficient, and sustainable change in all spheres of life. Free yourself from the thoughts that control you and be the one to control your own life. You can work with this on distance, Skype.

Symbolic therapy and Vedic Art

The subconscious has a wisdom and a knowledge that usually is superior to our conscious state. We think in pictures that we put into words, and for those who easily it can flash. For others it may be more difficult if we have or have had a tough life and soul longs for healing. By increasing their awareness of the symbolism of the communication gap between the people and the conflict is reduced as the varanrdra we treat with greater respect. Symbol Therapy is pure health promotion!

Our Story

The company was founded in 2010. Our mission is to help people to inner leadership development by focusing on calls, internal images, creation and with music theraoy, hypnotherapy, Psych-K, symbol therapy and CBT on the tool palette. Symbol work, symbol team building / process guidance Symbol means putting together and when we work with it in symbolic work, it's more tools that are used to interpret and understand the non-verbal symbolic language, both within ourselves and in communication with others. Symbol Work can be used for personal development develop a working group, increased health increased wellbeing stress Management crisis Management grief healing creative advertising promotions communicate messages ... Symbol Work methods may include photos, stories, myths, visualizations, dreams, drama, dance and music. The symbolic work creates balance between external and internal reality.

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Professional therapist in the art and science
Eva Lillqvist
Founder & Therapist

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Comments from clients which had different kind of sessions. Long time, short time, hypnotherapy, icontherapy (symbol) and musictherapy.

The unconscious has a wisdom and a knowledge that usually is superior consciousness. Take the step today to change in depth!

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